We manufacturer SPEC-REST, the world’s most precision rifle rest

  • Field expedient , assembles in seconds
  • Eliminates optics quiver and scope bounce
  • Adjusts quickly from rapid tracking to micro-precision adjustments for hyper-accurate shots
  • Allows shooter to eliminate eye fatigue and strain
  • Fast recovery for follow on shots
  • Instantly transforms any long gun into precision mounted weapon
  • Reduces felt recoil 50% on any weapon up to .50 BMG
  • Platforms all rifles, bolt-action, carbines, anti-material and special purpose weapons
  • Instrument quality platform for weapon, optics, ammo validation
  • Essential for shoot houses, urban hides and ambush blinds
  • Dignitary over-watch, force protection

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Currently In Use By The Following Agencies:

  • FBI
  • ATF
  • US Marshals
  • DEA
  • DOE
  • CBP
  • BOP
  • Helicopter Interdiction Teams
  • Military SOF’s – Foreign and Domestic
  • Maritime Security Details
  • Elite SWAT Teams – National and International
  • Integrated Into TTPOA / Sniper Response Schools / Cotton Bowl, Dallas, Texas
  • Integrated Into Urban Sniper Courses with Craft International
  • Tested and Recommended Program / NTOA